Packing And Storing Tips For Your Holiday Decorations

Decorating your home for the holiday season can be fun and memorable, since it is a great time to share with your family. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming considering there are so many items to arrange, decorate, and hang. While surprising to learn, Americans spent an estimated $6 million on Christmas decorations in one year alone. If you have numerous Christmas decorations that you need to pack, organize, and move, here are a few tips.

Proper Containers

Placing your Christmas decorations in bags and boxes or sitting on a shelf in your garage may be sufficient for storing items at home. However, transporting your decorations to a storage unit or your new home will require better containers.

A plastic or rubber-like tote with dividers is an excellent option for keeping your ornaments organized neatly and safely.

Purchase a large heavy-duty bag that is designed to store an entire Christmas tree. Make sure to measure the height and width of your tree to ensure you buy a bag that is large enough for your tree.

Strings and strings of Christmas lights can be frustrating to store. Reuse the original packaging if you still have it. This keeps your lights neat and free of tangles. If you do not have the original packaging, wrap the string lights around wire pools or heavy-duty reels designed for string lights.

Temperature Control

In many cases, you will need to store your decorations on a long-term basis. Whether in a self-storage facility or your actual home, storing in spaces that may experience extremely high or low temperatures can lead to damage. Unfortunately, replacing certain items, such as family ornaments, Christmas collectibles, and heirlooms can be costly or even impossible.

Choose a self-storage unit that is climate-controlled, meaning it is heated and cooled as necessary to maintain a healthy, comfortable temperature.

Humidity is also a factor to consider when maintaining a comfortable and safe storage facility for your decorations. High levels of humidity can warp items made out of wood and plastic.

Mildew can cause a foul odor on some of your decorations, especially linens and Christmas stockings and your tree skirt. Mold may also grow if your unit has high levels of humidity.

Packing books and clothing is pretty simple, but packing valuable and cherished Christmas decorations can be a bit riskier. When you are moving, these tips will help you pack and store your decorations safely. Speak with a local moving company for more tips.