Considerations to Make When Moving Your Piano

If you're moving your piano to another room or house, it's essential to hire a moving company for the safety of your piano. Digital pianos are light and portable and can be moved without professional help. However, for grand, upright, and baby pianos, you need expert movers. Here are some considerations you need to make before moving your piano.

Be Prepared

First, you need to dust and wipe down your piano because it will be in transit for a while and might be kept in storage before it's unpacked. Remove external attachments like the music stand. If you're moving a grand piano, you may need to dismantle it. If you aren't sure how to take it apart, wait for the expert movers to pack the pieces safely.

It's also crucial to plan the route that your piano will take out of the house. Clear the space of boxes or furniture. Remove interior doors and make sure there are no obstructions on the pathway. Finally, make sure you take photos of your piano before disassembling or packing it so you can capture its condition before it's moved. 

Confirm That the Piano Movers Are Sufficiently Equipped

It's important to ask the piano moving experts what equipment they'll use when moving your piano. This will help you choose between different moving companies. Ensure you contract movers who have furniture blankets, furniture dolly and boards, and furniture straps.

Furniture blankets are for strapping around the piano while moving. This prevents the piano from getting any scratches or dents while being moved. On the other hand, a heavy-duty furniture dolly is necessary to bear the weight of the piano. A skid board may also be required if you have a grand or baby piano. Lastly, the furniture straps will be used to attach the piano to the dolly when moving it to the truck.


Tuning the instrument is necessary after moving the piano to the new location. Movements usually stress the joints of pianos hence the need for tuning. For example, moving the piano down the stairs or along a bumpy road will exert a significant amount of stress on the piano. 

It's advisable to wait a few weeks after the move before tuning the piano. This rest period gives your piano time to settle into the new setting. The piano will adjust to the temperature, humidity, and lighting. Later on, you can call a tuner to come and return it to its original state.

To learn more, contact a moving company near you.