Hot To Keep Your Comic Books Safe In Storage

Comic books are rather fragile things that need careful storage; otherwise, you can easily lose your entire collection. Therefore, if you have a nice collection you would like to keep safe in storage, follow these measures to keep your collection safe:

Handle them with Clean Hands

Stains on comic books are more than cosmetic issues; they are a danger to the authenticity and value of the comic books. Therefore, wash and dry your hands and ensure they stay clean and dry for the duration of the packing. Dirt and moisture will discolor your comic books and even encourage mold growth.

Wrap Them Up In Plastic Book Bags

The best thing you can do for your comic books is to wrap them up in plastic book bags. These moisture-proof bags will prevent stains and moistures from damaging your valuable comic book pages. You can purchase them online or at your local comic book store. Make sure you get the correct size depending on your comic books' sizes.

Back Them Up With Boards

Apart from stains, wrinkles on the pages of your comic books will also make them distasteful. What is more, wrinkles that occur during storage are extremely difficult to remove. Prevent wrinkles by using cardboard backing. The cardboards are placed with the comic books in their bags to keep the books straight and wrinkle free for the duration of storage.

Stand Them Up In Boxes

The next step is to stand up you packaged comic books in boxes. The boxes add an extra layer of security for the books. However, this extra layer of security will only be adequate if the boxes are of the right sizes. Ideally, you should use the original comic book boxes. If that isn't possible, then you should get boxes that are roughly the sizes of the comic books. That will reduce the amount of play, and hence damage, the books may experience within the boxes. Ensure that everything used in wrapping up or boxing the comic books is free of acid.

Get the Right Storage Place        

Once your comic books are carefully packaged and boxed, don't undo your good work by storing them in a moist or hot place. The storage place should be cool and dry to prevent temperature damage. This makes comic books some of the few things that deserve the splurge of climate-controlled storage.

Hopefully, the above measures will help you keep your comic book collection safe.  Don't forget to confirm the security measures of your chosen self-storage facility to ensure your items will be safe and secure. Contact a company like for more information and assistance.