Partial Services Offered By Moving Companies

If you want to move your household or business items, you can hire a moving company to handle all aspects of the move from packing to offloading – that is one way to go. Alternatively, you can handle some aspects of the move, and let the professional movers handle other aspects. Here are some of the partial services you can leave to the professionals:


Packing isn't just throwing items in the box, sealing and labeling them; it's an art and a science. You need to choose the right filler materials, the thickness of boxes to use and know how to wrap the individual items. This is especially true if you aren't dealing with uniformly-shaped items such as books. If you have delicate items such as electronics (think big screen television sets) and kitchen glassware, you can hire a moving company to pack them for you. After that, you can decide to transport them on your own or let the professional movers handle the transportation too.

Storage Services

Sometimes you may need to move out of a property before getting a new place, for example, if your nonrenewable lease expires before you have finalized the lease of another property. In such a case, you need a temporary storage place as you work out the details of your new lease.  Some moving companies also handle temporary storage services for their clients.

Loading and Unloading

You can drive a big rental moving truck from one place to another, but you will find it difficult to load and unload it on your own. It's not just the difficulty of loading and offloading heavy items that you need to worry about, the fragility of the items also matter. For example, your belongings may get damaged on the way if you don't load them properly in the moving truck. Professionals treat the moving truck is one giant box that needs to be packed to handle the bumps and potholes of different road surfaces and treat it as such. Therefore, you can hire a moving truck and then let the professionals handle the loading and offloading aspects of your move.

Pick Up and Delivery        

What if you can handle all aspects of your move except the actual transportation? This may be the case if you don't have a suitable vehicle and would rather not hire one. In such a case, pack your belongings, let the movers pick them up and deliver them to the destination, where you can handle the unpacking.