How To Pack A Glass Table Top For Moving

Glass table tops are elegant, but when you plan to move, you have to pack them carefully to avid damage. Wrapping them in only newspaper and bubble wrap won't be sufficient. In addition to being fragile, some glass tabletops can be heavy, and weigh a much as eighty pounds.  However, you should still be able to pack the tabletop yourself for moving, and avoid an emergency room visit by following this guide.

Prepare to Pack  the Tabletop

To pack the tabletop, you need:

  • thick moving blankets
  • masking tape
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • marker
  • labels
  • packing paper
  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap
  • screwdriver
  • telescoping boxes

Spread a moving blanket on the floor. Place masking tape in various directions around the tabletop edges and across the center of the glass to hold shards in case of damage. Masking tape is unlikely to stick on the edges.

Packing paper, bubble wrap,and telescoping boxes are commonly available a moving supply stores Wrap the tabletop in packing paper, secure with packing tape, and use the tape measure to measure the length and width of the wrapped glass to find the right box size.  Alternately, make your own telescoping box from a flattened box slightly bigger than the tabletop, and make a longer piece of cardboard by cutting one side using the scissors.

Remove the Tabletop

Remove the tabletop from the base by lifting it off or by using a screwdriver to detach screws, which are commonly located on the base or legs. Keep the hardware in a safe place, such as a plastic bag, and label it. Wrap the legs and base in the blanket, and secure it with tape.  

Cover the tabletop in bubble wrap several times, and tape it. Lay another blanket on the floor, and transfer the tabletop to the blanket using an assistant, if needed.

Pack the Tabletop

Fit the telescoping box around the tabletop, bending it where needed, and trim extra cardboard. If the excess cardboard is several inches, trim it to one inch extra. Secure the ends with packing tape, stick a label on it, and mark "FRAGILE" in large letters on the box, so it is visible to movers.

Only use packing tape on the box, since masking tape or duct tape won't stick as good. Never lay other things on top of it in the moving truck, and set the tabletop on the side. If you hire movers, let them know what is in the boxes.