Tips For Packing Your Garage When Moving

A typical garage is full of all manner of tools and equipment, some of which might be difficult to pack for a move. For example, many garages have heavy items, sharp items, expensive items, and fuel-powered items, all of which are not easy to pack. Below are some tips to help you pack your garage for a move.

Know What to Pack

Moving companies have rules and regulations on what they cannot carry. Examples include explosives and corrosive substances such as fuel and battery acid. Many of these items are to be found in a typical garage. Find out what your moving company cannot carry and arrange alternative transportation.

Drain Fluids

Drain fluids, such as oil and fuel, from tools and equipment that have them. Things like lawnmowers or power tools shouldn't be transported with their fluids since the fluids are usually not allowed on moving trucks. There is also the risk of fluid leakage that might cause damage.

Remove Attachments

For equipment with attachments, it's best to remove the attachments and pack them separately. Removing the attachments allows for compact packing. It also reduces the risk of damage to the equipment. Unsecured attachments or accessories might also fall off their equipment if they are not removed and packed properly separately.

Wrap Sharp or Pointed Parts

Many garage tools have sharp or pointed parts. Such parts can cause damage to other items or moving boxes. There is also the risk of injury to the movers. Therefore, before you pack up such items, wrap them up so that the sharp or pointed parts are not exposed. Old towels and tape can do the job adequately.

Use Original Boxes

Many garage items have awkward shapes and sizes that make them difficult to pack in generic boxes. If possible, put such items in their original boxes for maximum protection.

Organize Your Toolboxes

Transporting your tools in their toolboxes is ideal. Take the moving opportunity to organize your toolboxes and reduce the risk of losing a tool or two during the move.

Disassemble Large Items

Large items are best transported in their disassembled states. Disassembly reduces the weight of items, protects the movers, protects the items, and also makes it easy to navigate with the items out of the house.

Label Everything

Lastly, get a marker and label all the boxes. A typical garage has numerous small parts that can easily get lost. You cannot rely on your memory to know which box has which bolts and nuts; labeling the boxes will sort you out.

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